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Interview with Marmoset Found Owners Cherie and Nareen

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Ever wondered where those neighbourly catchups or mummies group meets in the park may lead?  Enter owners Cherie and Nareen of Marmoset Found.  These ladies are leading the way in timeless design, organic shape and muted tone dinnerware at affordable prices. 

Cherie and Nareen are the classic Australian neighbours, passionate mums, with a creative side that was dying to come out with the right concept.

We couldn't resist sharing our get to know our supplier interview with you all.  


Tell us about how Marmoset Found started and what inspired you to start the business?

We have always had a passion for homewares, particularly anything handcrafted. We were sick of seeing the same products in every homewares store and we felt there was a need for more unique products.  So we booked our first trip, and have been travelling and working alongside local artisans to produce products ever since.


Where does your colour inspiration come from?

We incorporate colour palettes that are inspired by the current season. We wanted to create ceramics that were beautiful, durable and functional. All of our colours are designed to mix and match so you can collect pieces over time.


What is your design ethos?

We design the pieces in our studio and they are hand-made by artisans in small family run businesses in India, Vietnam, Thailand, The Philippines and Japan. Each piece in our range has a handmade element to it, with most pieces made by hand, the irregularities that come with making things by hand add value and uniqueness to our pieces.


What is your favourite ceramic product and why?

We have been working on expanding our range of Cloud Ceramics because these are the pieces we use almost daily, our plates, bowls and round dishes are perfect for everyday family use.


When dressing your table at home, what colour combinations do you personally use when entertaining?

Greys, whites and blues at the moment, mixed with other pieces that we have collected over the years.


Tell us what you have planned for 2018?

We are super excited to be launching some new shapes and colours to our Cloud range of Vases this year along with our new White Etchings range. We also have an exciting trip planned in the coming months.

ps we love the new White Etchings and this will definitely be appearing on mjresident soon enough.


What is your favourite space in your home and why? Do you have a little creative moment, (with Marmoset Found ceramic product or pendants) that you are happy to share with us?

It would have to be the kitchen/dining room, we love to cook so sitting around and enjoying delicious food with friends and family is one of the most relaxing times for us.


Which countries have inspired you the most in your creative journey and why?

We have such beautiful relationships with all of our makers, most are family businesses. We select the countries that we manufacture in for their areas of expertise and also for their natural resources, we are predominately working in India, Vietnam, Thailand, The Philippines and Japan.


What does a typical weekend look like for you?

We are normally extremely busy each weekend juggling all that comes with a young family! However, we do love to entertain and spend time in our gardens.


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